QLaw – GLBT Legal Clinic Volunteer, Open until filled

Open to: All students.
Time Commitment: For intake – any third Thursday of the month for 2.5 hours in the evening. For research – flexible hours.
Location: For intake – Seattle Counseling Services, 1216 Pine Street, Suite 300. For research – anywhere.
Application Process: Email contact below to inquire.
Application Deadline: Open until filled.
Contact: clinic@q-law.org

The GLBT Bar Association of Washington (QLaw) Foundation helps bridge the divide between GLBT communities and legal professionals. The Foundation’s volunteers educate the public and courts about GLBT legal issues and empower community members through informed access to legal systems.

The QLaw Foundation’s GLBT Legal Clinic is looking for law student volunteers to perform intake at its monthly clinic and to assist with legal research of client questions. The GLBT Legal Clinic provides free legal advice in 30-minute appointments about any legal issue except criminal defense.

Intake volunteers attend the clinic and help clients complete intake paperwork in preparation for their meeting with the attorney, and they ensure that the clinic is friendly and welcoming while maintaining confidentiality. If you join QLaw’s intake roster, you will receive an email once a quarter about signing up for clinics in the next three months. You can reply if you want to do intake at any of those clinics. The benefits of this job are that you can do it intermittently, help QLaw in a low-pressure job, and interact with many attorneys and clients.

Research volunteers work with attorneys to find legal authority, court rules, court forms, self-help packets, or any other information that the advising attorney may need to answer a clinic client’s questions. If you join this roster, you would receive an email perhaps once a month. You can then reply back if you want to help with research that month. QLaw researchers are asked to spend about thirty minutes researching a question to find resources for the client. The benefits of this job are that you can do it whenever you have time and will help and learn a lot.

Research volunteers may also choose to help with longer-term research. One service of QLaw is to create research packets especially for GLBT communities. The topics include employment discrimination, marriage, immigration, and probate. The benefit of this job is that you could have your name on a solid piece of research that QLaw will use for years to come.

Any amount of a volunteer time is appreciated. More information can be found on the QLaw website, http://www.q-law.org/legalclinicvolunteer.