Volunteers Needed – Seattle Tenant Bootcamps

Position: Volunteer
Open to: All law students
Time commitment: Bootcamps are held for 2 hours every other week
Location: Seattle
Application Process: Sign up online
Contact: Visit seattletenantbootcamps.org

Volunteers with knowledge of landlord/tenant law are needed for the pilot of an innovative workshop series. Tenant Rights Bootcamps will be a neighborhood-by-neighborhood series empowering renters to learn their rights, find solutions to various issues, and make change in their community. Taking place in cafes, bookstores, arts spaces, and other community venues across the city, this series provides an opportunity for renters to learn from people who know landlord/tenant law, civic engagement, and community organizing. The pilot will take place in Seattle in 6 separate venues over the course of 3 months.

Volunteers are needed to serve as presenters or breakout group leaders. Presenters will be provided with a PowerPoint presentation covering basic tenant rights in Seattle, history of renter action in Seattle, and current legislation/changes to the law. Breakout group leaders will provide general answers to questions and possibly referral information. Additional training will be provided as needed.

For more information and to sign up as a volunteer, visit seattletenantbootcamps.org